Future Proof Your Organization: Build a Knowledge Graph!

The digitization of organizations is happening faster than ever. In order to thrive (and survive), organizations need to integrate technological innovations emerging at an increasingly high pace. Information systems are more and more getting integrated with people in a merge that puts stress on both sides. In that context it is necessary to operate a shift in how we consider data, processes, and the agents – physical or artificial – that use data and perform processes.

This keynote will look at knowledge graphs not only as a technology, but also as an enabler for the cultural shift that will bring artificial agents and people to thrive in an organization. As a result, knowledge becomes accessible, understandable and actionable to both humans and algorithms.

This keynote will draw from the experiences of the leading practitioners and researchers in our community. Through an attempt to envision what lies for us in the near future of data management, we will give hopefully useful insights on the decisions an organization needs to make today.
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