Data linking with Corporate Memory

Knowledge Graph technology can be cast as combining data and rules in a single layer of the tech stack to provide reusable and self-described packages that can be readily repurposed beyond their original scope.

Especially the rules portion has been unfolding over the last years with introduction of new mechanisms to capture regularities and constraints in the data. OWL is still a strong basis to capture the meaning of concepts independent of data instances, but it remains an expert discipline.

To capture more use case specific knowledge of subject matter experts, other, simpler ways of knowledge elicitation are necessary.

At eccenca we build an infrastructure to create those self-described packages that can be readily repurposed. A key ingredient in those is our visual linking editor that serves to capture knowledge from domain experts without much formal understanding of semantic web technologies.

Without adding in the expert knowledge to the digital world, there will be no deeper automation.

Taking this step is essential for the next level of digitalisation. Let me show you how.

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