Graph as a Foundational Technology Stack

We live in an increasingly interconnected world. If that was not apparent enough, going on the second year of COVID-19 should have made it abundantly clear.

Besides its philosophical implications, this fact directly influences organizations and the technology that enables them to deliver value.

From keeping track of supply chains to social media, and from anti-fraud to powering the most sophisticated search and recommendation algorithms, there is a new paradigm that underpins everything. The name of the game is changing from Big Data to Connected Data. 

The realization is settling in: it’s not how much you have, but what you do with what you have. It’s not so much the quantity, but the context in data that enables organizations to get value out of it.

Today leaders from the Fortune 500 to Panama Papers researchers and NASA engineers have one thing in common: they all use graph data models to design their applications, and graph technology to build them.

And it’s just the beginning. Slowly but surely, graph is trickling down to SMEs and SMBs, organizations from all walks of life, and even individual users.

Join us for a quick journey through Graph-land!

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