How Knowledge Graphs are Bridging the Gap Between Industries

Ontotext’s Transparency Energy KG (TEKG) project converted part of ENTSO-E electricity market transparency data to a semantic KG and complemented it with external data sources.
At least 8 EU regulations lay out rules for market transparency, particularly in energy markets.
But energy is holistic, so going beyond electricity, ACER tracks at least 20 transparency platforms in various stages of certification, of which 16 operate for Electricity and 16 for Natural Gas.

ENTSO-E and ENTSO-G are the central transparency platforms, but there are also platforms run by energy exchanges (e.g. EEX) and nonprofits (e.g. GIE). The ENTSO-G Transparency Platform publishes data about the gas market, and GIE has data about current and future gas infrastructure, including gas storages. ACER also tracks 130 other platforms (104 of which active): marketplaces, Registered Reporting Mechanisms, trade matching systems, etc.

This is important data that affects all of us as energy consumers, and becomes even more important given the Russian gas crisis. However, the data is fragmented in distributed databases with their own access modes and only partially harmonized information.
KGs and semantic data integration afford holistic views over all data across an industry and facilitate data validation and analyses that were previously impossible.

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