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Join us to hear from world-leading experts about:

-> Data Mesh and Data Fabric – combining the power of data catalogs and ontologies to streamline data integration and how data virtualization enables hybrid graphs and no-code graph creation
-> The synergies between RDF & LPG for modern enterprises
-> Why Knowledge Graph development has become more cost-effective. 
-> Using text analysis and LLMs to populate graphs while keeping data quality in control
-> Creating always up-to-date LLM “indices” in GraphDB, using your vector database of choice, and how to use them for RAG, chatbots and more

Quick Questions

You can either add any session to your profile and email calendar from the event agenda or directly join the sessions that are currently live. If you’ve bookmarked the session to your calendar, you will receive a join link to your email and some reminders.

Almost all of the event’s sessions will be live and you can check our agenda for the specific time of each one. You can watch the live session or rewatch the past session recordings. Once the live session begins, you can interact live with your fellow attendees and the speakers.

Once you’ve joined the session, you’ll see a floating video player and a sidebar on the right side with different interaction options such as chatting and Q&A.

The session will be streamed in the floating video player. The player allows you to control the volume as well as the size of the video by either making it full screen or popping it out into picture-in-picture mode. This will enable you to move the video player around your screen and change its size. You can even keep watching the video while you’re in an entirely different window or application. You can also control the playback speed, if you watch a recording.

During the session, you can chat with other attendees in the “Chat” tab on the right side of the screen. The session chat is a great way to meet fellow attendees and discuss the session that you’re watching.

All sessions will include a Q&A component in which the speaker will answer your questions live. To ask a question, use the “Q&A” tab on the right sidebar. The Q&A sessions are scheduled for the end of the presentations.

Registrants will be able to access all presentation recordings from the event platform for two months after the end of the event. When a session is over, its recording is added to the platform automatically.

The best way to reach out to us or our partners is to access the “Expo” tab within the platform. From there, you will find a path to ours and all of our partners’ booths, where representatives will be available for a quick call or a chat. There are also interesting downloadable materials and documents in the booths, so we encourage you to visit them.

You can chat or have a conference call with all present peers during the event. There is a “People” tab where you can see all the attendees who are currently online. You can send them invites and speak and chat with them as much as you want. You can also join our or our partners’ booths, where you can speak to the company representative and ask any questions.

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