Semantic Metadata Management with Poolparty

To put it rather simply, metadata is data that gives information about other data. In other words, they are the labels or tags that can be added to data in order to describe it and ultimately make it more functional, actionable, and understandable. A novel, for example, is described by its genre, author, paperback vs. hardcopy, publishing company, and copyright date, which are all examples of metadata in its various forms.

Since metadata provides a descriptive framework and structure, metadata management is key to staying competitive – especially in fast-moving markets. Praised by Gartner Peer Insights for metadata, the PoolParty Semantic Suite combines Knowledge Graphs, Text Mining, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to fundamentally change the way organizations deal with data.

 With PoolParty, companies can build a semantic layer that, when applied to their information architecture, enables them to automatically analyze and create rich metadata. With semantic metadata, they can bridge data silos and gain a unified view of structured and unstructured data.

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